Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone!  My name is John and this is my blog.

I chose the name Hammer-Tron because “Hammer” is one of my nicknames and “Tron” sounds rather technical or robotic, which I think just sounds cool.

My nickname is Hammer because I am very persistent.  Sometimes I am stubborn, but usually I keep working at things until I accomplish my goal or until I find that my goal needs to be changed based on new information I gain while striving towards what I want to achieve.

In this blog I will be discussing things that I find interesting.  I hope others will also find these topics interesting and leave me feedback by making comments on my posts.  I also hope people will be able to learn new things from my blog posts over time.

Other than talking about my various hobbies and interests I am not planning to reveal very much personal information about myself or my family or my friends.  Over time I may reveal more about myself, but I have no idea who or how many people on the World Wide Web may stumble upon my blog.

Welcome to my journey through life.  I look forward to meeting new friends from around the world  I am also looking forward to helping people learn new things as well as learning new things from other people from around the world.


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